How to make an upholstered pinboard with nail head trim detail

After losing an important piece of paper for the umpteenth time, I thought it was time to finally make a pinboard for my study. This project was easier than easy considering how good the result looked.

Here’s my inspiration…

My Decor Education_diy upholstered pinboard with nail head trim
My Decor Education_diy upholstered pinboard with wood frame
My Decor Education_diy upholstered pinboard with subtle nail head trim


  •           Cork board. I couldn’t find one the size & price I wanted so I bought a sheet of Corflute instead.  A hollowed fluted plastic board made from Polypropylene – easy to use, very durable, and cheap. I bought my 1200 x 900 x 3mm sheet for $8.90.
My Decor Education_corflute for diy upholstered pinbaord
  •           Fabric. I had some fabric lying around for a upholstered head board that’s been on the back burner for a while. I bought it in hast and never really thought it was right for my bedroom but it works perfectly in the study and the colours I’ve used in there. Sometimes my hording tendencies pay off!
My Decor Education_fabric for diy upholstered pinboard
  •           Adhesive spray.
My Decor Education_spray adhesive for diy upholstered pinboard
  1. Spray adhesive all over board. Allow to stand for a few minutes.
  2. Wrap fabric around board.
  3. Attach picture hanging fixtures if necessary.
  4. Done!

Nail head trim:

I love nail head details on furniture, so I thought I would add a nail head detail for a sophisticated look. And it was actually pretty easy.

The nails  i used were leftovers from an old project, but where the wrong colour – they were silver, I wanted to gold.
So in true DIY style, I placed the nails on a large piece of cardboard and just sprayed them with gold spray paint. A few rounds of shuffle and spray and they were perfect in that imperfect vintage looking way.
Voila! Gold nails.

My Decor Education_diy gold spray your own nail head for nail head trim detail

I drew a chalk line on the upholstered pin board to mark out where I wanted the nail head trim and then using an upholstery hammer I nailed along the outline.

My nails were longer than the board was thick so I made sure I did the nailing on a few layers of cardboard so as not to damage my wood floors. I could have done this in the garage with no hassle, but it was cold.

Cold + Physical work = Low motivation to move.

My Decor Education_diy upholstered pinboard marking nail head trim line
My Decor Education_upholstery hammer for diy upholstered pinboard with nail head trim
My Decor Education_how to position nail head for trim detail on upholstered pinboard
After i nailed the final nail, I just dusted off any visible chalk lines and I was done.
My Decor Education_diy upholstered pinboard with nail head trim detail finished product
This DIY upholstery project turned out so well that I had to do everything in my power to hold myself back and not to create a wall full of upholstered pin boards.

For now one perfect pin board will do.

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