Painting a DIY chalkboard wall in the kitchen

I’ve always loved the idea of having an ol’ school chalkboard walls in the kitchen – somewhere to jot down what grocery items I need to buy and random notes.

My Decor Education_large kitchen chalkboard wall
My Decor Education_chalkboard wall in kitchen
My Decor Education_large chalkboard wall in modern kitchen
So recently, in a burst of inspiration, I made my own chalkboard wall. It was really easy job that can be completed in a day. The only step that took some time was waiting for the chalk paint to dry in between coats.
My kitchen opens up into my dining area and at the end of a row of cabinets was the perfect canvas to create my chalkboard – directly on the side of the cabinet. Since this would be visible as soon as you entered the house, it needed to look presentable and fit in with the rest of the apartment. To do so I had a simple solution – add a fake trim.
Here’s the breakdown:
Applying the chalkboard paint…
  • Prep the surface. I lightly sanded the surface of the cabinet and then cleaned it with methylated spirits to remove any traces of dust and debris. I skipped the base coat, seeing as the chalkboard paint was pretty hardy and acted as a base coat naturally. I recommend Googling methods to prep your surface in particular to find what’s right for you. 
  • I applied 3 thin coats of the chalkboard paint and worked fast, as the paint dried fairly quickly.

Something to note: be mindful of the type of chalkboard paint you purchase. There are two different colours – black and green. Choose carefully as I had bought green the first time as an accident and had to spend more to get the black shade.

Creating the trim/border…

  1. After I decided on the look I wanted, I measured the surface and settled on the appropriate thickness for my frame. It was surprising tricky to get the right balance between not too thick and not too thin. Next, off to Bunnings (a hardware store) to buy the trim, wood glue, and some thin nails.
  2. I borrowed my parent’s Mitre saw to cut 45 degree angles on the trim ends to create the frame. Measure, cut. Measure, cut. Measure, cut. This took only minutes.
  3. I then spray painted the pieces of trim in a gold colour. Since I wanted a subtle look as opposed to a glossy, in your face finish, I didn’t coat the trim with a base. This probably isn’t recommended by professionals, but I stumbled across this simple look whilst working on a different project.
  4. I glued the trim onto the painted chalkboard and then hammered a few nails here and there to keep it there. Two of the corners weren’t perfectly fitted, so I sanded them and used wood filler to clean it up. I also applied wood filler on top of the nails and sprayed these areas again. And with that, I was done!
My Decor Education_preparing wood trim molding for chalkboard wall
My Decor Education_diy chalkboard wall with wood trim molding
My Decor Education_diy chalkboard wall wood trim molding detail