Livingroom Makeover: progress update

Pretty livingroom vignette 1

One of my good friends recently bought her first apartment, so it has put me in a reflective mood and I was inspired to share a progress post of how my living room DIY work has evolved since I bought my apartment ~5 years ago.

Here’s what my living room looked like the day after I picked up the keys.

I was freaked out by the pressure of owning my first apartment but insanely excited at the same time.

{Me and my sister sitting in the position of where I wanted my furniture}

Four days later, this is what it looked like in renovation mode…

{The first thing we did was replace the cornices to give the space some art deco character}

Over these 5 years, I took my time to try out different layouts and figure out how I used the space before I settled on what would work best for me.


The same room today…

Aside from the missing artwork on the main wall (to the right of this image), this room is complete.

I had a hand in making and customising most of the pieces in this room in some way, so I’m really proud of this space.

I made the curtains ($150).

I refinished the side table ($50) and the hutch ($95).

I resprayed the coffee table ($20).

I painted the picture frames and put together the images and mounting boards.

I sourced new lampshade and sprayed the base.

I bought the sofa ($300), rug ($100), side table, hutch, coffee table all from eBay.

I put up that Laura Ashley wallpaper ($75).

I reupholstered those Louis armchairs ($340).

Livingroom 3

Livingroom 6



No one job was all that taxing or expensive. But I’ve managed to get a good custom look. The secret was having the patience to understand the space and what I wanted and sourcing the right items at a great price (all of which takes time – there’s no way around it).