Common real estate listing decor mistakes


One of my nerdy pleasures is to look through real estate listings and ‘redecorate’.

My super analytical brain likes to identify the decor mistakes and correct them.

I’ve noticed that despite paying close to a million dollars for an inner city apartment, people make the same obvious decor mistakes, over and over again.

It’s a weird obsession. This is my therapy…

Crime # 1: pine furniture

Don’t do it!

Solution: Simple, don’t buy pine furniture.

Realestate_ikea 2

Realestate_Pine furniture 2

Realestate_Pine furniture 3

Realestate_mistake 1

Crime # 2: Beds with no headboard

You’re not a teenager, get a headboard.

Solution: Build your own headboard – it’s actually really easy.

Realestate_mistake 9


Realestate_mistake 3

Crime # 3: Cheap small kitchen cupboards

An easy change that can give your home a custom high end look

Solution: Build up the shelves to the ceiling line, or replace with a long line of floating shelves, like this.

Realestate_mistake 5

Realestate_kitchen 5

Realestate_kitchen 2

Crime # 4: Bachelor pad syndrome

Women don’t find this ‘sexy’

Solution: a few ‘wow/dramatic’ pieces don’t equal style. Layering is best.

Realestate_batchelor pad 1

Realestate_batchelor pad 2

It would be sooo easy create a kick-ass space, very inexpensively. Step 1, avoid these mistakes. Step 2, replace these bad habits with new ones (will explore in a later post).