Designing the layout for a photo wall

Photo feature wall 27

My DIY photo feature wall project is coming along nicely!

I made good progress this past weekend and can see the final stretch ahead of me. The journey so far..

The Inspiration

Different photo wall styles 7

The space

When I bought the apartment…

Original 2

Just before I started the photo feature wall project, a big blank boring wall…

Photo feature wall 20

The current status

Photo feature wall 21

Planning the layout

I tested several layout options…

Photo feature wall 24{too uptight and structured}

Photo feature wall 25{Poorly proportioned}

Photo feature wall 26{too messy and all over the place}

Until I settled on the perfect layout for my space…

Photo feature wall 23

For me, interior styling is a formula, so there is a correct answer to everything. Taking into account the variables (number and size of frames, size of wall, decor of the rest of the space, etc), you narrow down your options. Then comes testing and more testing until you find the RIGHT one.

After all the research I did on the best variations, I narrowed it down to the 7 best styles to display photo frames on a feature wall.

I chose a mix of The Puzzle Box and The Casual.

Building the layout

Hang one, then build around it.

I wanted to do the all calculations and drill all the holes in one go, thinking it was more efficient. But the best was to make sure a symmetrical finish, is to hang one frame, get it level, then measure the position of the adjoining frame.

Photo wall 26{my calculations to the position each photo frame}

Mid way through hanging the frames, I broke one! Thanks to some quick improvising (and quickly testing a few options), the result worked out better than the original.

My next steps

  1. Choose & install artwork – my Pinterest ART board will come in handy here
  2. Paint wall to remove ton of marks I made getting the layout right

My mind is still in the thick of this project and a lot of little steps still to go, so it’ll be fun to see a bird’s-eye view of project in one post, once completed.

A sneak peek of where I’m at with the photo wall at this very moment, testing out the placement of artwork…



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