How to reupholster an armchair: the end result

How to reupholster an armchair 1

I’ve finally finished my DIY project to reupholster an armchair, and I couldn’t be more thrilled!

Aside from the photo feature wall I’ve yet to create in my living room, this is a project I’ve been eager to finish, and now the time has come.

Part 1 of my tutorial for re-upholstering an armchair covered:

  1. choosing the fabric
  2. creating a template from the existing fabric
  3. refinish the wood, if desired
  4. staple the new fabric

What was left was to sew the cushion covers, and then sew the piping (welt) cord and glue it in place.

Here’s a closer look at the fabric before I glued on the piping:

Reupholstering an armchair DIY 2

Reupholstering an armchair DIY 3

Double piping (welting)

I bought 6mm piping thread from Spotlight (20m) and cut 5cm strips of the fabric (bias cut – 90 degree angle instead of straight up and down strips).

Reupholstering an armchair DIY 4

The technique:

  1. Place the first piece of piping to one side of the middle of the strips of fabric.
  2. Fold over the fabric to cover the piping thread and sew it in place for a tight fit.
  3. Snugly place the second piece of piping thread alongside the piping you’ve just sewed into place.
  4. Fold over the other side of the fabric to cover this new piece of piping thread and sew it in place.

There are plenty of good tutorials (with pictures) on how to create double piping (welting), try this, or this.
The result:
Reupholstering an armchair DIY 5

Gluing the double piping (welting) to the chair

This was really easy!

  1. Fold over the end of the piping (use glue to hold the fold into place).
  2. Glue along the backside of the piping (I glued cm at a time) and place over the staple line, starting in a discrete central position.
  3. Hold down to secure in place for 30secs – 1min, rubbing in place.

Reupholstering an armchair DIY 6

Reupholstering an armchair DIY 7

Reupholstering an armchair DIY 8

Sewing the cushion covers

Using the original cushion fabric as a template, I sewed the new cushion covers.

In theory this is should be a simple task because you’re copying an existing, pretty rudimentary, template. But it was a tedious job to get the size of the covers just right for a snug and professional fit, while also having to sew the piping for the edges of the cushions.

The zipper panel was particularly tricky. The work in progress…

Reupholstering an armchair DIY 9

Without the piping, this would have been a much easier job, but no where near are attractive. So it was worth the effort.

DIY reupholster an armchair: the result

Reupholster an armchair 11

Reupholster an armchair 12

Reupholster an armchair 13

Reupholster an armchair 14

This was Part 2 of the reupholstery job. Here’s Part 1 of how I reupholstered an armchair.

I’m over the moon with how well it turned out. All that is left next to finish my living room is to create a photo feature wall.

Any tips for what I should consider next time?

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