Low back sofa v High back sofa

High back sofa v Low back sofa 6

Growing up we had a high back sofa in a deep red tartan fabric. I loved hanging on the high hard back like a cheetah on a tree branch. It felt like my home. I would hang there for hours watching TV.

When I first moved out of home I bought a low back sofa. It was, and still is, a modern grey three-seater with strong lines. It’s the stylish sofa of a twenty-something professional who appreciates aesthetics.

The low back sofa is who I thought I was always going to be me; who I wanted to be.

Grey modern three seater sofa

But I think I’m moving into a new phase in my life, where I’m craving understated comfort. I’ve been fighting it for a while, but I’m less and less tolerant of pretence for the sake of pretty.

I want to hang on the spine of the sofa back again.

What about you…what sofa life stage are you in?

High back sofa v Low back sofa 4


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  1. I’ve always been a high back sofa girl 😉

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