Rustic Refined Glamour mood board inspiration

Rustic Refined Glamour moodboard

As I get closer to finishing off decorating my apartment, I’m thinking more and more about my next home and how I might decorate it. Currently this Rustic Refined Glamour mood board describes what I’m craving.

Imagine a female GQ man in her country home. It’s a mix of natural materials, modern shapes, and tailored version of country touches like plaid and wicker.

It’s a calming mood board that describes my current personal style and what I’m craving (or how I want to see myself) – comfortable, deliberate, confident in an understated way, and functional.

I love love love this style and can’t wait to bring it to life in a space.

The elements of this Rustic Refined Glamour mood board

Key colour: Warm Beige, Latte, White

Secondary colour: Grey

Accent: Terracotta Rust Red & Army Green

Trim accent: Matt Black (avoid gloss – it’s too flashy)

Rustic Refined Glamour mood board 2


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