Buy a sofa good for napping

Buy sofa good for napping 10

Don’t buy a sofa that looks pretty but doesn’t make you want to curl into the nook for a midday nap.

Buy a sofa that suits your style (be it scandinavian, country, modern, punk, hipster) but is also comfortable enough to make you want to curl up into a ball after reading a book, watching TV, or on lazy Sunday falling asleep to the warmth of the sun.

Sofa for napping 1

{Me lazying about on my modern but super comfy sofa – while my sister takes photos}

A sofa takes up a lot of space and will probably be the most expensive item you buy after your TV, so don’t be a dope and buy a pure show piece.

You’ll look pretentious and precious. Don’t be that person.

Take a little longer to find the intersection between your ideal aesthetics and function. You’ll thank yourself when you’ll inevitably fall asleep for a grandpa nap on your sofa.

Look at how comfortable you could be…

Buy sofa for napping 2

Buy sofa for napping 1

Buy sofa for napping 5

Buy sofa for napping 11

Buy sofa for napping 6

Throw 5

Buy sofa for napping 13

Also, don’t forget to get a throw (or three) – a must have ingredient for a cozy nap on your sofa.

buy sofa for napping 3

{Throws for my own sofa to keep me snug}

Throw 1

{Classic tartan – in any colour, really}

Throw 2

{Thick woolly throw – oh so comfy}

Throw 3

{Luxe luxe luxe}

Throw 6

{A good way to clash patterns – one in a bold colour, one in a subtle colour}

Throw 7

{Great bright and bold pattern}

Throw 8

Before buying your next sofa, road test it for nap-worthiness.


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