Interior decorating for my INTP nerd brain! (MBTI)

Interior decorating for INTP MBTI nerds

My interior decorating style is nerdy. It’s based on maths, formulas, and a ‘right’ answer. I’m an INTP.

One of my lovely friends discovered this blog post about decorating styles of the different Myers Briggs types, and now I can pinpoint my INTP interior decorating style perfectly!

Discover something about your own decorating style by looking up your MBTI decorating profile. Click here.

Nerds, rejoice!

Here’s my decorating profile, as an INTP.

Summary of my INTP interior decorating style:

  • Boy, do I love research! Endless hours researching options, Pinterest, Youtube, Instagram, theory, experts…I can’t get enough.


  • I make decisions alone. It’s not because I don’t care, it’s because my brain has already synthesised hours, days, weeks (years!) of research to make a decision. Sorry, no room for a second opinion.
  • I create an escape. It’s not enough for a room to have a curated collection of furniture. I need more. I need a retreat. A place that I walk into and feel the space and the comfort. That’s my style.


All of this screams ME. But no person is ‘complete’.

Things I need to remind myself to have a fuller decorating experience and result:

  • Don’t neglect the personal touchy-feely stuff. Family pictures, mementos, and things that stir my emotions. Since reading this about myself, I’ve incorporated more of these items into my decorating.

Interior decorating for INTP MBTI nerds

  • Don’t second guess myself. I second guess myself in all areas of my life and just need to trust my instincts, dammit! (I feel like this is a life lesson I’ll always be ‘learning’ ;)). Trust that the patterned fabric I chose for my new study room sofa is the right choice against my striped red and ‘Toasted Almond’ study wall. I followed through on that gut-feel and I was right. It’s PERFECT.

Interior decorating for INTP MBTI nerds

Whenever someone or something understands you, I think it’s natural to feel like ‘everything is going to be OK’ and a little more mindful. Reading this MBTI decorating profile had made me feel like I understand myself a little better. Yay to self-discovery.

Thanks Mrs Fancee blog!



  1. I love that that blog post reaffirms what we already knew about ourselves and yet also help us maximise our space to make us feel even more at home! I will be sure to use the tips when I continue my decorating journey.

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