Choosing a color is the worst part of DIY decorating

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It’s the worst part of decorating but is a perfect reflection of how well you make decisions in other parts of your life.

My mum’s latest DIY decor project was to install beautiful new provincial style bookcases in the upstairs family room. There was one barrier; choosing the colour.

For weeks she nagged me to help her choose the ‘perfect’ colour. Constantly asking my opinion on the difference between shades of the same colour.

She looked my Pinterest boards, decor magazines, bought paint samples to swatch colours.

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After weeks of telling her “that’s a good colour” “not that one, but maybe something warmer” “that but darker” I had enough. My real answer is…IT DOESN’T MATTER!

I feel her frustration. The wrong choice and she’ll either feel forced to redo all that hard work or be left to live with an outcome she hates after putting in all that effort.

She wanted more information and more time to make the perfect decision.

This is dangerous.

The longer she waits, the more her mind will distort the ‘facts’ and trick her into thinking the darker colour, looks even darker. Make the plain colour, look plainer. Make the wrong decision seem like the worst decision.

Just like waiting to jump off the diving board into the pool, the fall seems higher with every passing second.

All you really need is a few minutes. You either know the colour you want or you don’t. Otherwise, you’re just stalling.

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I learned this with the simple act of picking out an outfit.

I would stand in my closet in front of my closet and imagine the perfect outfit for the day. I would try to visualise what one piece would look like with another and then how it would sit on me. The picture never quite clear enough for me to make a choice.

So much wasted time. All I needed to do was pick something that I vaguely liked, try it on, and see how I liked it. If I didn’t, then I’d try something else.

I broke passed this mental barrier I created for myself that I had to ‘predict’ the perfect thing the first time around. I actually realised it reflected how I behaved in other areas in my life and that scared the crap out of me.

Chosing a color 2

I won’t let my mum fall into the same trap.

We made a ‘close enough, is good enough’ decision, and took action. No more predicting or ‘calculating’ the perfect outcome.

We love the colour of our beautiful new provincial bookcases; mainly because we’re done with the indecision and can now just enjoy them!

Your (in)decision guide:

  1. Lighter or darker? Always darker. On a swatch or a sample surface area, the color will always look darker than it will once you paint the full surface.
  2. Bold colour or subtle color? Choose whichever feels like a riskier decision.
  3. Warm color vs. cool color? It should match the rest of your home.
  4. The color you want vs. the colour you think could be ‘better’? Trust your first instinct. ‘More’, ‘bigger’, ‘better’ isn’t usually the right decision.

Break the barrier of trying to be psychic and do what other people who get stuff done do…take action as quickly as possible!

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