Avoid DIY procrastination with podcasts

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Distraction is the best way to focus.

I currently have a DIY project in front of me which I’ve been dreading for all the usual reasons:

  • It will take time.
  • It be hard.
  • It won’t be fun.

But one thing is keeping me from sinking into a funk of procrastination. The secret fact that most decorating jobs are pretty simple and require very little brain power – sanding, painting, lacquering, it’s pretty simple.

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What stops me from taking the first step and from persisting with a decor job is the voice in my head making up a million and one excuses about why I can’t, won’t, shouldn’t continue.

The solution is simple: silence the voice in your head.

Simple rudimentary tasks require little brain power. Any excess and you give it room to over think and make excuses.

It’s the same reason people say you should exercise the first thing in the morning. Before your brain has time to talk you out of it.

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My first time.

I was 22 and my mum recommended I listen to Tina Seeling’s episode of the Stanford School of Entrepreneurship podcast – advice to her 20-something year old self.

The podcast told me everything I wanted to hear about starting adult life.

This was around the same time I started renovating my apartment and I needed a distraction. Something to stop myself from giving up on my renovation to-do list – hours of sanding, painting, and cleaning by myself every night after work.

There’s a hidden beauty of listening to podcasts while decorating.

Whenever I listen back to certain episodes, I’m transported back in time to the exact moment I first heard it. Me on the ladder in my unfinished hallway painting the cornices.

I’ve never considered myself as well-read, but I love absorbing information.

Listening to podcasts over long stretches of decorating jobs creates a symbiotic relationship.

The DIY project gives me an excuse to catch up on my podcasts. And listening to podcasts makes the time spent sanding and painting less tedious.

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Here’s my podcast starter kit to get you started:

  • The Ricky Gervais Podcast: the original classic and insanely funny stories.
  • Startup Podcast: a new bread of podcast with high production value and a great storytelling – keeps me hooked every time.
  • What’s the Point: a goodie for data nerds. It will make you want to become a statistician to be able to predict every part of your life!
  • How did this get made: I don’t like watching bad movies for fun, but listening to people discuss bad films you haven’t seen is my new favourite pleasure. You have to try it!
  • Gilmore Guys: two guys give a funny, playful, and sincere review of every episode of the TV show Gilmore Girls. One is a fan of the show and the other has never seen it before.

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