The struggle of juggling ebay pick ups

The bargains you find on ebay are offset by the anxiety-bubbling process of coordinating the pickups.

For the last few months I’ve had a couple items on my ebay holy grail:

  • french provincial style long sideboard to sit under TV in the family room of my parents house.
  • large simple round mirror with some vintage flair.
  • large rug for my parents family room.

After months of monitoring ebay for the perfect pieces (good + cheap), I lucked out and won all three items within 48 hours of each other. My ebayer sniper-ism paid off!

My decor education_coordinating ebay pick ups_1

This came with a hidden cost…3.5 hours early Saturday morning to coordinate all three pickup spread across opposite corners of Melbourne.

Why? Because.

How? Panic, stress, anxiety, precision planning.

This happens to me at least once a year.

  1. Excitement for my fast bidding work but anxiety from the (seemingly) impossible task of precision planning to get to each location on time.
  2. Furiously replaying the plan in my head over and over and over again.
  3. Ruthless focus on navigating to each pick up.

Reflecting on the morning made me uncover the secret to coordinating the pick ups.

Focusing on the moment.

This stopped me from thinking about all the unknown streets I had to drive through against the clock and, inevitably, getting overwhelmed.

I was able to focus on doing the best job possible for the current stop and forget about what was next. That will come, but I couldn’t predict what might happen then. All I could do is make sure I finished up pick up #1 so I was at least in a position to be able to make my way to pick up #2, regardless of whether or not I would make it.

This process also made me realise something I love about getting older.

My decor education_coordinating ebay pick ups 2

{this is my younger sister repeating the (flawed) cycle of efficiency}

I don’t have to squeeze everything into one pick-up run.

It’s a lingering childhood habit I have of trying to take all the groceries from the car into the house in one go so you triple stack every limb with a bag, as well as your teeth, thighs, and the nook between your chin and collarbone – no joke.

Or mum telling me to take piles of clean folded clothes upstairs to each room and I would respond – in a grand show of human hubris – by trying to carry 4+ piles in one trip.

Prioritising my comfort over speed was has been one of the most significant realisations I’ve had about getting older. Seriously.

What might have made me stress eat as a kid, today makes me feel like I might be a functioning human being.

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