3 reasons you need a personal trainer for DIY

My decor education decorating personal trainer

Most of the week I work in a job where I get paid to be bossed around. But twice a week, I pay someone else to boss me around and it’s the most productive part of my week.

I spend $6,000+ a year for a fitness regime I could get for free with Google and the discipline of a normal human being.

I could YouTube workout routines, pinterest some healthy recipes (here’s my favourite dessert), and buy my own gym equipment, but that doesn’t solve my biggest problem. Focus.

For this, I need Amy, my personal trainer.

Easier than DIY, cheaper than liposuction.

The low cost of gym equipment and the ease of getting them at your local shopping mall, means I can work out all by myself. But Amy helps me do what I couldn’t have done before I met her: consistently maintain a regime.

She’s something in-between doing everything myself and paying for someone to do everything for me (read: liposuction).

My IKEA Billy bookcase hack was a satisfying project, but I could have achieved a more professional finish and completed more projects if I had someone else personally guiding me through the process instead of having to be a one-man-show.

My decor education decorating personal trainer

I was lacking something to help me focus on the aspects of DIY I enjoy the most: the de-stressing quality of doing the work and the satisfaction of knowing I did it myself.

This is where I realised I need an Amy for decorating. Someone to understand what I want and need, and then give me the guidance, expertise, motivation, and accountability to do it myself.

1. Paying someone, makes you pay attention.

Having skin in the game is a game-changer!

Knowing I’m committed to paying $60 every session means I turn up and get the most of my money. A ‘free session’ equals no burning reason to wake up and put on running shoes.

This is where I think if I had been paying someone to supervise as I reupholstered my french provincial armchairs, it wouldn’t have taken me over a year to complete it.

My decor education decorating personal trainer

2. Relinquishing control allows you to focus.

It’s hard to work towards the bigger picture when all you see are the details.

Like choosing a colour. My mum suffers over this on every decor project. “How do I turn the magical idea I have in my head into choosing the right colour?”

For every decision I need to make, having Amy ready to tell me if it’s aligned to the plan is a huge time saver. I don’t want to have to research and figure out which colour I should choose for my feature wall. Neither do I want to fret over creating a workout plan.

Amy listens to my BS and translates it into a tailored plan that I simply follow.

3. Your own personal cheerleader.

Amy is like the big sister who believes you can do anything and has the firm hand to not let you give up.

DIY decor projects are slow and tedious. So it’s great having a more experienced mentor telling me how to prevent colour bleed when painting crisp straight lines on a feature wall.

Or to tell me to keep going and I’m nearly at the finish line after hammering the 300th nailhead into my upholstered headboard.

My decor education decorating personal trainer

I want all my brain power focused on the job in front of me: not dropping a 30kg barbell on my neck. I don’t want to waste a second counting reps or reminding myself to keep going. That’s what I pay Amy for.

Find your own decorating personal trainer.

If you’re thinking about starting a DIY decor project, then find someone in your family or a friend to be your own Amy.

Choose someone who:

  • Sees things in black and white (read: decisive).
  • Has strong logical thinking ability. Those computer brained people who see a problem, analyse the information and spit out a logical answer.
  • Sees the big picture.

People will want to help you because the sense of control you get by giving someone else guidance and encouragement will make them feel good about themselves.

Do you have someone in your life who helps you maintain a habit and get better results?

Tell me about it by leaving a comment below or send me an email to share privately.

Also, follow my Snapchat (decoreducation) for a regular dose of decor life in Melbourne, Australia.


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