Tutorial: Wall sized calendar in 4 easy steps

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Your time is not more important than others, so stop avoiding and start doing!

Currently there are piles of garbage decaying in my parent front yard.

I’m housesitting for my parents with my sister and she has missed taking out the bins for the weekly rubbish collection two weeks in a row. It’s disgusting.

This isn’t new to our relationship. I’m sick of her constantly forgetting to be an adult. I doesn’t just affect her, it affects me and everyone one else around her.

Yelling seems like an unsustainable and ineffective strategy for improvement, so instead I made her a wall-sized calendar that hits her in the face every morning she gets out of bed.

Do you have a similar person in your life or are YOU that somebody?!?! Follow this tutorial and stop avoiding action.

Step 1: The plan

Save time, copy mine…

Wall sized calendar plan_2016 02 27

Forget about a daily calendar. A weekly view isn’t so micro that you feel overwhelmed by having to fill and think about your tasks everyday, but isn’t so macro that you don’t have the rhythm to get day-to-day things done and end up leaving things to the last minute.

Also, it requires less maintenance to update the days when the month is over – moving 31 labels for the days  for the new month is an unnecessary bitch.

Tutorial: Wall sized calendar in 3 easy steps

{courtesy of Southern Living}

Step 2: MEASURE.

You can scale the calendar to whatever your wall size is and what obstructions may be in front of it. But something that always looks good is wider than it is long.

Add up the lengths of every line in your grid and that will tell you how much painter’s tape you need. I bought a single 50m roll. This was more than enough.

My decor education_wall calendar tutorial 2


Lay outer boarder first. Then the internal lines.

Professional finish tip: Use a Stanley knife or a sharp scissors to slice the ends of the tape for a clean finish.

My decor education_wall calendar tutorial 3

My decor education_wall calendar tutorial 4


Use thin Post-it notes for ease. I cut regular post-it notes in half.

Our system was simple:

  1. Yellow: tasks and to-do’s
  2. Orange: fixed appointments and events

My decor education_wall calendar tutorial 8

And, you’re done!

Keep Post-it notes close by so it’s easy to update.

My decor education_wall calendar tutorial 9

My decor education_wall calendar tutorial 3_original.JPG My decor education_wall calendar tutorial 5_original

My decor education_wall calendar tutorial 6_original

My decor education_wall calendar tutorial 7_original

Tools you’ll need:

  • 1 roll masking tape (50m, 75 mm – thick tape looks too bulky and eats too much in the surface area)
  • Measuring tape
  • Pencil
  • Post-it notes
  • Stanley knife/scissors

Project cost: $15 (masking tape + Post-it notes)

Project time: 1 hour of prep time + 30 mins of ‘doing’ time (I like to measure over and over and over again to avoid mistakes, so 1 hour is scalable to how much of a perfectionist you are).

Return on investment: clarity, control, consistency.


If you’re trying this out for yourself, leave a comment below to tell me about your calendar or feel free to send me an email if want advice for how you make this work for you.

Also, check out my Pinterest board for more wall calendar inspiration.

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