Minimalism for 21 days (instagram challenge)


I feel suffocated by my stuff.

My style has never been one of excess, but my home is filled with an old version of me that has been weighing on my mind every time I look at it for months.

My solution is to publicly commit to getting rid of 231 items from my home and recording the daily journey on instagram (@mydecoreducation). Starting 1 March.

Part of my wants to shed everything I own to make room for the next, right now!

I even went so far as to go on a cleaning rampage while recently house sitting for my parents house. I got rid of over 15 drawers jam-packed with STUFF. It felt good but it was safer proposition than what I’m embarking on – my stuff.

On the other hand, my home is already a carefully curated collection, so all I have left to get rid of is memories.

But the decision has been made. I’m doing a 21 day Minimalism Instagram challenge, called the Minimalist Game; inspired by The Minimalists. #minsgame

So, what’s the challenge?

  • get rid of an item from your home everyday for 21 days
  • get rid of an extra item every following day (day 1, 1 item / day 2, 2 items / day 3, 3 items / etc.)
  • 231 items in total!
  • document everything on Instagram for posterity
  • Starting today, Tuesday 1 March.

My fears predictions.

I’ll cheat.

Or I’ll give up.

Or I’ll complete it and then feel even more empty.

Or I’ll lose precious memories.

Or I’ll like it.

This last option is the one I’m most afraid of (read afraid of success). I’ve spent so much time curating and creating the items in my home, I’m worried that it’ll make it feel pointless.

My decor education_minimalist instagram challenge_1

Why 21 days?

I’ve never been able to keep up one of those 31-day self-improvement challenges. There’s something about a whole month that is just passed my tipping point.

21 days feels like a round yet challenging amount of time, so that’s what I’m committing to.

Watch me go through the pain.

Too scared to try this out yourself? That’s OK. I’ll continue to share what it’s like here, on this blog, so subscribe for regular updates (form in the sidebar).

Follow me on Instagram to watch how I minimalize my life. Starting today, I’ll post photos of everything I get rid of (writing that last sentence was scary – that’s 231 items!).

Or, tell me about what you want to minimalize in your home by leaving a comment below.

Also, follow my Snapchat (decoreducation) for a regular dose of decor life in Melbourne, Australia.



  1. Wow! I found your blog looking for the #minsGame hash-tag on instagram [it’s only the 7th day and I already need inspiration for what to throw out]. I started the same challenge I feel exactly the same way. Even about the 30 day thing. But backing down to 21 now (Pff… why didn’t I think of it first!!!) would feel like cheating. I don’t have instagram so I put mine on a blogspot [it’s in Romanian, but pictures tell 1000 words].

    Good luck with the challenge! I certainly hope I start liking it as I decided I’d go through with 61 days actually [2 months: First one like the minimalists did it and the second one in reverse]. I’d end it exactly on the 1st of May which happens to be Orthodox Easter day. We’ll also host a major party one week after Easter [I’m on a mega Spring Cleaning plan in theory. I lack in practice:) ], so I need to be able to do this!

  2. It’s glad to hear from someone doing the challenge at the same time :). I think we might be at the same stage (~1 week), but your challenge is super-sized – well done! It’s a hard challenge but one that you’ll be thankful for once completed.
    I like to over-plan everything so I actually mapped out key categories of things I want to get rid of through the challenge – old bed sheets and linens, artwork and pictures frames that I don’t use, umbrellas, all types of clothes including scarves and underwear, and since we’re in the digital age I’m also going to get rid of apps and bookmarks clogging up my phone and attention. From the looks of your blog, you’ve already tackled some good things that’s I’ll need to add to my list (kitchen supplies). Hopefully that gives you some inspiration and good luck with the challenge. I’d love to hear how your 61-day challenge goes, so stay in touch :).

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