Minimalist Challenge Week 1: The Honeymoon

My decor education_minimalist challenge week 1

The passion. The uncertainty. The rose-coloured glasses.

Before I started my 21-day Minimalist Challenge I time travelled.

I could hear my 90-year-old future self regretting every memory held in those things that I was throwing away.

Vintage dresses I collected in my early twenties that helped me explore my sense of self and appreciate my femininity. My first dinnerware set that I bought after moving into my first apartment, that I chose specifically to model the set used in my favourite childhood show, Frasier (yes, I was a dork).

my decor education_minimalist challenge feature pic 1

I really struggled to reconcile this, but I think I found a middle ground. I’ll take photos of all of my favourite items in their full glory to capture the ‘memory’. I might lose the photos, but I could just as easily lose the items.

Once I started the challenge, my right-brain took over…

Planned to perfection.

Once I decided I was committed to this challenge, my type-A brain kicked in and I wanted to make it the best challenge ever!

I wasn’t content to just find items on a day-to-day basis. I created a spreadsheet to map out what I was going to choose everyday for the #minsgame every day.

  • Day 4: kitchen pots and pans
  • Day 9: phone apps
  • Day 10: old linens and bed sheets

Part of me was kind of sad about this approach. There’s something disappointedly reasonable about planning out the days of my challenge. I was expecting the challenge to be more dramatic and emotionally wrenching. Making hard choices day-to-day that feel like I’m purging!


I didn’t actively tell anyone in my personal circle about the challenge.

There’s something about telling friends about challenges I take that tricks me into thinking I’ve already done it so I’m less likely to follow through. Like when I told my them I was doing a strict no-sugar diet and then, didn’t.

Having this (semi) secret thing that I can work on has given me this release of pressure and freedom to mess up as much as I like.

my decor education_minimalist challenge feature pic 2

Bin, opp shop, or give away?

I was actually quite anxious about what to do with all these items. Now that I’ve marked them as ‘cleansed’ I have this itch to throw them out ASAP. But for the sake of this challenge, I want to store them till the end so I can see how much stuff I’ve accumulated. I think seeing it all together will actually be quite satisfying, so I’m going to hold out.

Overall, one week in and I feel pretty optimistic about getting through the 21-days without too much hassle. I have a plan and I’m fully committed. But this is mostly likely just honeymoon optimism (read: denial) before the anger, bargaining, and depression (and then hopefully acceptance, unless I cheat and give up before then).

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  1. Hey! nice roundup. You’re half way through by now (I’ve already seen Day 11 on Instagram). You’re doing great! I’m drowning in my stuff, and I still can’t let go of so many things.

  2. Thanks for the encouragement – this last week of the minsgame was harder than expected so I need it!

    I let go of jewellery I’ve held onto since my twenties. It was all relatively cheap but I associate it so much with my younger self that i got a little more emotional than I expected, letting it go. I’ll talk more about it in tomorrow’s week 2 recap blog post.

    Although, seeing your mega-minsgame is very motivating! I can only imagine how daunting it might feel, but, as cheesey at it’s going to sound, ‘off, like a bandaid’ is the best way.

    Just make sure you take a good photo of any particularly sentimental item for posterity. It’s good to hold onto the memory, but you don’t need the thing itself.

    P.s. I saw your #minsgame day 11 pic and it reminded me that I have a ton of stuff in my medicine cabinet I should also get rid of – thanks for the tip!

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