How to decorate a downsized home

my decor education_How to decorate a downsized home

Downsized living doesn’t have to mean feeling cramped. Decorating for a small home should feel like decorating the perfect adult cubby house. A petite and perfect hideaway with just enough of what you need to create your happy place. What people see as the challenge of making the most of the space, is my idea of fun.

The idea of downsizing their home has my parents worried how they’ll handle living in closer quarters. Here are my tips for how to make the space comfortable and functional.

1. Wireless headphones for your TV

I’m shocked this isn’t a bigger thing yet! My dad, who’s always years into the future, was using these 10 years ago. We lived in a pretty small home at the time and dad liked to watch TV late into the night when everyone else was asleep. So after my mum telling him off one too many times, he found this solution. Now, living in an apartment with thin walls and room mates, this feels like such a intuitive choice.

my decor education_How to decorate a downsized home

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2. Built-ins.

Having more space isn’t solving your problems, so stop using it as an excuse to avoid downsizing. Just maximise every inch with smarter and more efficient design.

Install a floating shelf.

my decor education_How to decorate a downsized home

Handleless cabinets.

my decor education_How to decorate a downsized home

3. Sectional lighting.

My parents spend most of their time in the family room. It’s an open plan area with a TV, reading nook, dining table, and kitchen. It’s a LARGE space with only down lights on the same switch, so it’s basically impossible to be in the room with them and feel like you can do your own thing.

They need varied lighting to distinguish sections of the room so we can use the same space without being on top of each other. Floor lamps, side table lamps, perimeter lighting. I can read in the bay window, while my dad’s on the main sofa on his computer or watching TV using wireless headphones.

my decor education_How to decorate a downsized home

4. Consistent colour palette.

You know how if you wear a different colour or pattern everyday then people notice every outfit (and notice when you repeat it). But wear black everyday and nobody notices the different. Apply the same principle to your new downsized home.

Use a simple colour palette of two bases and one accent, then apply it to every room; just dial up and down the colour to given each room just enough definition.

my decor education_How to decorate a downsized home

Do you have any tips for maximising space?

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