How downsizing can make you feel successful

my decor education_How downsizing can make you feel successful

People want you to think downsizing is shameful, but it’s actually the secret to confidence, control, and success!

I’m desperate for my parents to sell their million dollar home and downsize. I want them to get rid of all their stuff, including the baby grand piano in the family room, mountains of crystals, and leave behind their pool and sauna. Get rid of it all.

Not because they’re in financial trouble, but because despite their success they’re on a path that isn’t letting them enjoy the fruits of their hard work. It’s just enslaving them to work more and enjoy less. They are so much more successful than the life they’ve bought for themselves shows or allows them to enjoy.

But they’re afraid. They think downsizing signals to everyone around them, and I think themselves, that they’ve failed. That it implies ‘less’, but it’s actually about ‘better’. And not just in a hippie philosophy way but in a tangible capitalist way.

(important: that’s not them in the above pic, those are the stars of an incredible documentary about a billionaire, his trophy wife, and their attempt to build the biggest house in America)

1. You’ll have more money.

Imagine having 30% more money every month to spend on whatever you want, and you don’t have to maneuver a promotion or negotiate a salary increase to get it.

I want my parents to think of their life as a business. I want them to make a profit at the end of the year for their effort and reinvest that capital. They’ve worked hard for their money, years of long hours and sacrifices, and I want them to enjoy it for the rest of their lives. Not spend it on a bigger mortgage, higher heating/cooling/power/gas/water bills, or more home maintenance.

The math of downsizing is simple: spend less = have more.

2. You’ll have a nicer home.

They won’t admit it, but I know my parents are worried about the shame they think comes with ‘downsizing’. They come from relatively humble beginnings and have worked hard to get the Australian dream, so I know this is a sore spot.

But I don’t want my mum to be the Queen of Versailles (see above pic, a brilliant reality TV-style documentary). To spend money on bigger and more, at the cost of quality. My parents home is big enough for a family of 6 to live comfortably, but only 3 live there (and 1 only lives there part of the week).

Downsizing to a cozy two bedroom house would free up capital to live closer to the city or the beach, and allow them to renovate it to perfection. Get the Nancy Meyers dream they deserve; and do it affordably thanks to my skillful upcycling! Downsizing doesn’t have to mean going without; it’s actually an opportunity to show off you invested in the best, not just the biggest.

my decor education_How downsizing can make you feel successful

{gorgeous set decor from Nancy Meyers film Something’s Got To Give}

3. You’ll be closer to your family.

Every time I visit my family, every person is usually in a different room.

  • Dad will be in the front living room watching Bollywood films.
  • Mum will be in the back family room working on her laptop.
  • My sister will be in her room, upstairs.

Rarely, and I mean rarely, will we ever be in the same room together. Sometimes when I visit, my parents will barely even notice I came over. We act like roommates, not a family. A smaller home means less excuse to hide away and will force us to spend more time together.

This might feel uncomfortable for them as first, like we’re on top of each other, but as my family grows up and my siblings move away, sharing a physical space when we do spend time together is more and more valuable. I don’t want the size of their house to make it harder for us.

my decor education_How downsizing can make you feel successful

{Christmas 2015. Despite how miserable we look, this was a fantastic day – we actually spent time together!}

4. You’ll have more time.

Every week my mum spends 5-6 hours cleaning the house. She doesn’t work insane hours at a corporate job to be able to caretake a house of which they only use 30%. I don’t want that to be my mum’s life. I want her to use her time on the things she loves like sewing and crafting.

I want my dad to have time to help my sister build her online portfolio for her art, not spending hours each week doing random maintenance jobs around the house that barely get noticed but need to be done to keep the house standing.

I want them to spend their time on things that will make their later years more enjoyable. Travel more, start a small business, explore hobbies they’ve put off because they work so hard to maintain their ‘standard of living’.

I don’t want my parent to downsize to a certain size house or have a certain number of possessions. It’s about helping my parents realise they’ve got enough excess and fat in their lives, that they can cut 40% of it and redirect that towards more meaningful opportunities and a better quality of life.

Have you ever considered downsizing your home?

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my decor education_How downsizing can make you feel successful


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